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Navigate the wilderness like never before with this reimagining of the ranger class!

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The Ranger Class

Build your ideal ranger with a new modular approach to class design! Whether your wish to be a hunter, a beastmaster, a survivalist, a dungeon delver, a witcher, or a sage, or any combination in between, you choose your own path to meet the challenges ahead.

More freedom.

More choice.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


  • The core class plus thirty eight bushcraft skills.
  • Two new feats available to all classes to acquire additional bushcraft skills.
  • New equipment, including a special arcane trap.
  • Eleven types of special ammunition, complete with prices and optional crafting rules.
  • Eight unique magic items, with optional crafting rules or suggested means of acquiring them.
  • A template for relic weapons, a new type of magic item specifically designed for a particular class that evolves over time on completion of specific rules or challenges. Includes a fully-illustrated relic bow designed for the ranger class.
  • Four new conditions that you can implement anywhere in your game.
  • An FAQ section addressing questions received during development.

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