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The Gunslinger Class

A love letter to tales of the American West, drawing inspiration from classic Western movies and bringing a new dynamic to 5th Edition combat.

Everything you need to build a badass, gun-toting hero.

No misfires.

No trick shots.

Just iron, grit, and critical hits.

Standard Edition Includes:

  • The core class plus three archetypes: the Maverick, the Enforcer, and the Beastrider.
  • New firearms, hand-crafted to reflect weapons of the era and balanced for standard play.
  • Three new feats for use with firearms and other ranged weapons.
  • Developer notes on game balance so you can introduce the class with confidence.
  • An FAQ addressing questions received during development.

Fully Loaded Edition also Includes:

  • Two additional archetypes: the Preacher and the Revelator.
  • Two new types of special ammunition, exclusive to firearms.
  • Twelve magic firearms, each with a unique property.
  • Optional rules for upgrading firearms following the rules in the Complete Armorer's Handbook, including unique upgrades and ten new runestones.

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