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The Ranger Class

The 5E ranger is good enough, but it isn't good. It's time for that to change.

Use the unique Bushcraft skill system—a new approach to class design and a replacement for traditional subclasses—to build your ideal ranger. Whether your wish to be a hunter, a beastmaster, a survivalist, a dungeon delver, a witcher, or a sage, you choose the skills you need to meet the challenges ahead.

More freedom.

More choice.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


  • The core class plus thirty eight bushcraft skills.
  • Two new feats available to all classes to acquire additional bushcraft skills.
  • New equipment, including a special arcane trap.
  • Eleven types of special ammunition, complete with prices and optional crafting rules.
  • Eight unique magic items, with optional crafting rules or suggested means of acquiring them.
  • A template for relic weapons, a new type of magic item specifically designed for a particular class that evolves over time on completion of specified rules or challenges. Includes a fully-illustrated relic bow designed for the ranger class.
  • Four new conditions that you can implement anywhere in your game.
  • An FAQ section addressing questions received during development.

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